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Starting potty training – How to toilet train your toddler in 3 days

Starting potty training – How to toilet train your toddler in 3 days

start potty trainingI normally don’t write about parenting on this blog but we just started potty training our son Dylan and I thought I’d share some tips I’ve found online on different websites.

Dylan is almost 2 years old and we felt that it’s about time he should start using the potty instead of me having to change diapers all day.

So the first thing I’ve learned is that there isn’t a right age to begin and before you start potty training you should have everything planned out to the smallest details so that everything goes smoothly.

When I first began to look for information online I was actually a little terrified about toilet training Dylan because we heard all these stories from our friends who already went through this process and how hard it was and all the accidents and so on.

But to tell you the truth I don’t feel that potty training is that difficult.

So here’s our plan on how to do it.

This week we’re going shopping with Dylan. We’re gonna buy a potty chair or a potty seat depending on which he likes best. We’re also getting new underwear. We thought we’d get both big kid underwear and potty training pants. Training pants look just like real underwear but they’re waterproof so if any accidents happen the child will feel the wetness but it will be contained.

Once we have everything when it comes to supplies we’ll schedule a weekend when there will be nothing but potty training. I’ve read a lot of great things about the three-day potty training method which we’re going for.

Hopefully, one weekend will be enough for Dylan to switch from diapers to potty but I’m not worried even if it’s going to take longer. I don’t want to rush the process.

After watching this video on the potty training readiness signs I honestly feel that he is definitely ready to begin toilet training. He already seems interested in the toilet and whenever I or his dad go to the bathroom he wants to come in and is very curious about what happens.

I’ve also read that rewards work extremely well and that I should use them because they really help with motivation and also encourages the child to keep at it until he succeeds.

Dylan has this video he really enjoys watching so I thought about using that as a potty dance every time he pees or poops in the potty chair. We’re also going to buy some stickers and reward charts. I’ve heard from one of my cousin who just finished potty training her boy that she put stickers on his t-shirt so they looked like military decorations which for a boy is amazing. I’m going to try that too.

And one more thing on rewards that I thought off is milestone rewards. If he goes in the potty 5 times he gets a bigger reward. I haven’t figured out what yet but I’m working on it.

I’ll post more after we go shopping. I’ve thought about whether to get a potty chair or a potty seat but I think the best thing is to let Dylan decide what to buy.

I don’t know what else to tell you right now so I’m going to end it here, but I’ll probably do a follow-up blog post next week, so if you want to get notified subscribe to the blog.